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We are now offering an affiliate programme to those who love our themes and we will reward you for recommending our themes to your followers. Our affiliate programme gives you 15% commission on any purchases resulting from an affiliate link for up to 30 days after the link is clicked.

Payments are made automatically via PayPal on the 15th of every month. Fill out the registration form below to gain access to your personalised affiliate area.

Terms & Conditions


You or Pretty Web Design may terminate your affiliate status at any point. Pretty Web Design will cancel your affiliate status for the following reasons:

  • You link from inappropriate adverts or web copy (false claims, misleading hyperlinks)
  • You promote Pretty Web Design  and or our products using spam methods (persistent mass email without opt-in, posting in social media groups where affiliate links are specifically discouraged, etc.)
  • You advertising on sites which are inappropriate (any X-rated or adult sites, gambling sites etc)
  • You claim intellectual property rights or falsely give that impression
  • Your links are not displaying correctly and do not functionally link to Pretty Web Design

You may use our imagery and text links anywhere in your website and in any emails you send out.

How to link to Pretty Web Design

You can use any of the formats below

Example: if your affiliate WordPress username is susanand the affiliate ID you are assigned is 1, the following URLs would work:



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